Base Camp Australia

Set-up & put-down are a breeze with OPUS Air Beam Technology. Forget about poles. Your camper, including its fully enclosed annex, inflates in minutes at the push of the button. You won’t even have time to finish your beer while you watch it construct!

Towable by most 4WD & SUVs (for the OPLite, even a standard car!), the rugged but lightweight design with small pack down size means easy towing and storage, without compromising on living space.

Live in luxury with features like a king bed, 4 burner stove, en-suite shower, built in speakers, leatherette lounge…there’s even USB ports to charge your phone! Options include campers sleeping up to 10, so the whole tribe can get around it.

Contact Details

7 Niche Parade,
Phone:(08) 8444 0481