Western Australian Aboriginal Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC) is the peak not for profit Association representing Indigenous tourism in Western Australia. WAITOC comprises membership from all regions within Western Australia. The Association is autonomous and provides advice and information to all relevant State Government agencies as well as the tourism industry sector. WAITOC promotes Aboriginal tourism and provides a supportive network for Aboriginal tourism operators within Western Australia.

WAITOC believe that Aboriginal tourism is a unique industry in that it allows Aboriginal people to participate at a real and meaningful level while still maintaining and valuing their cultural heritage.

It is a well known fact that international and national tourists want to experience an authentic Aboriginal experience. The Aboriginal tourism industry is currently developing at a rapid rate although some operators have been in the industry for years.

WAITOC represents over 50 Aboriginal tourism operators listed on this website ranging from accommodation, traditional dance and dreamtime stories to contemporary history, safari and bush tours and art.  These members operate at different levels depending on the season and the length of time they have been in business. The range of membership is from tourism operators who are firmly entrenched in the tourism industry to those who are currently developing their tourism product and will be operating within the next 12 months.

WAITOC aspires to promote Aboriginal tourism experiences and in doing so foster the development of new, culturally authentic Aboriginal tourism ventures that will attract visitors to Western Australia ensuring that visitors receive the authentic Aboriginal tourism experience they seek.

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